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The One-piece Dental Implant has successfully challenged the dental industry`s perceptions of Implant placement and performance since its introduction in 2003. If Patient`s Bone Quality is optimal the ISI Dental Implant, through its design and strength, will be able to provide a temporary crown the same day and a permanent restoration later. Depending on each specific case, it can take days, weeks or months for the final restoration. These Dental Implants work with the same principles as any other traditional dental implants. They achieve Osseointegration, (a biological, natural “bonding” of the jaw bone with the implant), through Osteocompression, (compacting the bone for better density), and Dual Stabilization, (initial stabilization for the implant in your jaw).

In simple words, a specially designed implant is placed in your jaw and through function, (the loading method and lack of movement, it will bond to the bone, even in an immediate time frame. It works!!! The ISI Dental Implants are a great choice for larger diameter One piece Immediate Load Implants. They come in widths ranging from 3.25mm to 5mm and lengths from 8mm up to 16mm.


  • Specially designed for immediate load
  • Osseointegration is obtained through osteocompression and primary stability
  • Osseointegration is achieved in the same manner as other types of Dental Implants
  • In some cases, they can be placed with a “no Flap and no suture Technique,” in just minutes
  • Unipost design does not require extra abutments and prosthetic components
  • You walk out of the office with teeth (temporary) in a short period of time
  • In some specific cases, permanent crowns can be placed on implants in a few Days
  • Can be used with bone grafts
  • Can be used in extensive cases:
  • Dr. Munoz Cavallini in conjunction with another surgeon, was the first dentist to place a Dental Implant in Costa Rica on May 11, 1980
  • More than 30,000 implants placed to date with 35 years of experience
  • We are one of the few Dental Clinics in the World with absolute experience and expertise with The One stage Immediate Permanent Implant
  • We have been distributing Implants for Tatum Dental, OCO Biomedical for more than 20 years in Costa Rica
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With more than 47 years of dental practice experience and 35 years in implant dentistry, we provide you the highest quality experience. With over 30,000 implants placed to date, we are the leader in esthetic dentistry in Costa Rica.

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To provide the best service possible, we have become the First Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to have an onsite recovery center, Casa Marco Hotel. Patients rest in comfort at Casa Marco before being called to the treatment areas.

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Our Onsitelaboratory operates under our direct supervision and is used exclusively for our patients. The lab offers a unique blend of technology and artistry. We produce high-quality finished materials to fulfill you dental needs.

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Don't pay more and get less. Our practice strives to provide the best value in dental implants worldwide. We provide the latest technologies, modern offices, on-site lab, and recovery hotel at the best prices you can find.