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The Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallin Dental Lab, our on-site laboratory, operates under our direct supervision exclusively for our patients.

Our Dental Lab offers a unique blend of technology and artistry. We produce high quality finished materials to fulfill you dental needs, because we have:

  • Knowledge and experience acquired from more than 47 years of Dental Practice
  • 35 years of experience in Implant Dentistry
  • More than 80,000 crowns fitted, contoured and placed from 1980 to date.
  • High quality materials utilized at every step of the process.
  • High quality products
  • Prompt delivery of finished products
  • Savings in Time and Money for our patients.

Our vast experience allows us to provide different types of dental restorations in shorts periods of time and meet your needs consistently!

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3D CAD/CAM Restorations Among Several Options Avaiable!

The Dr Marco Munoz Cavallini uses HQ technology like the CAD/CAM 3D scanner and milling machine for Zirconia non metal Crowns and others. This innovative technology, gives our products and services a high added value and at the most affordable prices for patients!!!

We combine experience and technology to create artistic pieces accurately and of high quality.

Cutting-Edge Dental Lab 3D CAD/CAM System

3D CAD/CAM solution that brings precision and efficiency to many different types of restorations our patients request every day: from crowns and bridges to metal and flexible partials, inlays, onlays, and combination cases. Using the CAD/CAM system, Our Lab is able to produce superior products. Margin lines are more precise, metal frameworks are surveyed accurately – these are the kind of high tech results we offer!!!!

CAD/CAM system with a 3D virtual touch stylus that brings human touch to CAD/CAM. The waxing process is uniform – with exact amount of thickness throughout the design.

Why Choose CAD/CAM System?

Where precision meets quality – fast, precise, and consistent.

  • Eliminating human processing errors
  • Bending a clasp without fear of breakage
  • Consistent fit
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal adjustments

The process of the CAD/CAM System


3.5-axis scanner with CAD software that allows us to design copings, full-contour anatomical wax-ups etc…

Scan time for a single stump < 2 min.

for a complete jaw < 10 min.

for a 3-unit bridge < 3 min.


After scanning with the Tizian Creative program, creating correct fully anatomical preparations is simple and a basis for long-lasting facings. Method of operation: Choose an anatomically formed tooth onscreen from the library of teeth; adapt to fit the bite wafer or antagonistic morphology of the specific case and reduce the form simply with a mouse-click. This allows the technician to create space for a uniformly thick facing, thus preventing chipping. Creating collars and connectors also follows the rules of anatomy; minimum strengths for stable statics are predetermined. The automatic suggestion for the course of the preparation margin proves to be of assistance.

Once the result is saved, transferral of the pattern into zirconium dioxide can begin.


After design with the Tizian Creative program, the instruction in this process is send by the CAD Software for the machine start the cut/print process Mills bridges of up to 16 units Short milling times (13-15 min/unit)

Once the milling process is completed the non metal structures are syntherized for 12 hours.

Art and Technology blend seamlessly and with precision, in each and every project we do! The Dr Marco Munoz Cavallini Dental Lab is a mixture of experience and passion, of dedication and repetition, of state of the art equipment and talent, which all equates to Additional Value for OUR PATIENTS!

We Are Experienced

With more than 47 years of dental practice experience and 35 years in implant dentistry, we provide you the highest quality experience. With over 30,000 implants placed to date, we are the leader in esthetic dentistry in Costa Rica.

Our Onsite Guest House

To provide the best service possible, we have become the First Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to have an onsite recovery center, Casa Marco Hotel. Patients rest in comfort at Casa Marco before being called to the treatment areas.

Our Dental Lab

Our Onsitelaboratory operates under our direct supervision and is used exclusively for our patients. The lab offers a unique blend of technology and artistry. We produce high-quality finished materials to fulfill you dental needs.

Our Pricing

Don't pay more and get less. Our practice strives to provide the best value in dental implants worldwide. We provide the latest technologies, modern offices, on-site lab, and recovery hotel at the best prices you can find.