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This clinic and all of the staff did an excellent job! I had my implant posts put in last November and it was finally time to get my teeth. The estimate from my dentist kept rising, and was $15,000 when my wife decided to look elsewhere. She contacted the clinic and within one week she had an appointment scheduled for the next week. I was there for one week and came home with completed work. In addition to finishing work on my upper implants, they corrected by lower teeth bridge so that the teeth lined up (not included in US dentist's estimate). Total cost was $4,600 and total time one week. Could not be happier. Highly recommend this clinic. (Yes, there is a lot of waiting, but I met interesting people from all over and actually made friends during the week.)

Treatment Received : 12 implants installed on 8 implants (already in place)

Sally -St. Simons Island, GA

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I am very pleased with the treatment service and price. I am looking forward to my return trip to have more done.

Treatment Received : Implant Dentist Consultation

James - Austin, TX

This was the most pleasant experience ever with an extremely professional and caring dental team. The services are light years ahead of the treatment I would have received in Canada. Highly recommend.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Kim - Nova Scotia

I recommend Dr. Marco! This was the best dental experience ever!

Treatment Received : 7 implants, 10 crowns

Cindy - USA

I am pleased with the treatment provided at Dr. Marco Munoz's clinic. I have already recommended his services to my friends. I find his prices to be more than reasonable, even with the cost of air fare and housing included.

Treatment Received : 7 implants, 10 crowns

Peter -Wyevale, ON

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I was pretty anxious about coming to Costa Rica for dental work, but when I got the estimated cost from my US dentist. I sucked it up and put on my big girl panties. All that anxiety for nothing. Dr Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic is AAA+ with state of the art equipment, clean, friendly, honest and care about you as a person. Yes, there is a little waiting and that's OK because they do not rush the patients through like we are used to in the US. I was quoted 75-100K in the US and to date I am around 7K. Also, it seems that the US dentist overstated my needs and I did not need a sinus lift and extensive bone grafting. Thinking the US docs were trying to jack the price. I am also grateful that the work can be done so quickly rather than the extended times predicted by the US docs.

Thank you Dr, Marco! This is one happy girl. It is also wonderful to note the changes in his patients when they arrive full of anxiety and often embarrassed or sad about their smile. It does my heart good to see these changed personalities when they leave with big smiles and their heads up for the world to see their pearly whites."

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Vikki - USA

It has been 3 years and I am still recommending Drs. Cavallini to friends here in US. One of my friends from WA state started her work last Feb and completed it in October with her 2nd visit. I will go back again, as will my husband, to do other work when necessary. Absolutely exceptional dentists who I would highly recommend.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Jane - USA

I am very pleased with the dental treatment that I received while I was at Dr. Cavallini's clinic. The staff was very nice and the clinic was extremely clean. It took less than 45 minutes for them to pull my tooth and insert my implant. They only use white fillings, not the cheap silver ones that that like to push off on you in the States. I was told by my Dr. in the U.S. that I would need a bone graft to have an implant but upon my visit to Dr. Cavallini, I found out that this was not necessary. The price I paid was about $300 less than the quote I received from the clinic.

They filled a grove line cavity for me that the dentist here will not do. I think this is job security for the dentist in the U.S. It did not take but a few minutes for them to fix this and now all the tenderness I had around that tooth is gone. My husband had 3 fillings done and a cleaning and said it is the first time he has never had discomfort during a dentist visit. I will be returning in about 4 months for my crown and some more dental work. My husband has decided to proceed with some implants himself. We have told everyone that we have encountered about our great dental experience at the International Dental Clinic. Can't wait for our return visit.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Veronnica - Mississippi

Beyond fantastic. Great staff,attention to detail, only doing what is needed. Most fun ever at a dental appointment. Be patient. Best dental practice. Wait times can be a couple of hours. So worth the wait. I shall return.

Treatment Received : Dentist Consultation

Ashley - vancouver

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I had a root canal on a wisdom tooth, crown replaced and several fillings on my receding gum line which has solved my sensitivity to hot, cold and sweetness. Also a deep cleaning and whitening. All the work was completed within the time frame given. Highly recommend the clinic; their staff are the best. This was my second visit in three years. Very happy to go back for any of my dental needs.

Treatment Received : Dentist Consultation

Lawrence - East Hampton, NY

Are you a single woman (man) very concerned about travelling alone to a foreign country for dental work? Has your family/friends called you “crazy”? Well that was me: a 60 year old single, black female, obese with moderate walking difficulty after bilateral knee surgery. I did my research, as you are doing now, and read that Dr. Cavallini's dental practice is the best in Costa Rica for implant and aesthetic restoration; also WhatClinic had given them the Gold Star for long term customer satisfaction. I wanted to do this for my 61st birthday but was very concerned that I couldn't get my sister or anyone else to go with me. They are like most Americans--bias against healthcare other than in the US; but, as a retired family doctor, I know that the US is not the only place to get quality care—it's just a matter of “knowing” where to go and WhatClinic helps to provide that.

Treatment Received : Dentist Consultation

I had done some initial planning with another clinic, but decided against them when they couldn't give me details about the doctor and wanted all the money upfront before I even left; and as it turns out, their quote was 4K higher (probably their middleman fee). With Dr. Cavallini there is no middleman and you pay as you go: after services are rendered!

In a nutshell, all the positive testimonials you read about Dr. Cavallini are correct! While there, I made it a point to question several patients, many who had been there before or were now coming upon recommendation of a family member/friend who had work done. The place is packed (maybe too packed with long waits) but they are an efficient, organized yet personal “dental machine” that has treated thousands of patients. I was there 14 business days for a total mouth/ immediate load restoration.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Dianna - California

I am thrilled with the results. I had the work done 5 years ago. 10 implants, 24 crowns, gum re-do, 1 major extraction, 1 normal extraction. quoted $11,000 charged just under $11,000 despite finding that molar that needed to be removed with delicate oral surgery, (it was under an old gold crown and didn't show on the x-ray that the tooth was gone, leaving the deep roots entwined in the roots of the tooth next to it). Today, 5 years later, I just got back from Dr. Cavallini's for my check-up while I was in Costa Rica. Everything is perfect still. I can eat anything, have no pain and still get compliments on my smile! Dr. Cavallini, his son, Dr. Marco, and the whole staff changed my life and gave me my smile back. Even my U.S. dentist in Beverly Hills was amazed at the exquisite work they did. She said it was among the best she'd ever seen. Thank you Dr. Marco and Dr. Cavallini!

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Treatment Received : 10 implants, 24 crowns, 1 difficult extraction of a disintegrated molar with deep roots, 1 minor extraction, gum revision and lots of tender loving care!

Jerry - USA

The procedure went better than expected, it was painless and quick. The price was as quoted.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Stan - Peachland, BC

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am extremely satisfied with the treatment that I have received! I had 2 upper dual load implants and one lower dual load with a tooth extraction and bone graft. It is well worth the money and the guarantee policy that they have. Be sure to ask about their new $150- 3 yr warranty program. It can't be beat! I have to return in a few months to have permanent crowns put on the implants, but for now I am just waiting for them to secure themselves in. The work is professional, they have the most modern equipment, just as good if not better than some of the U.S. dentists. The doctors all speak English and are very pleasant. The only reason that I gave them 1 less smiley face for communication is that when you first go into the office you are uncertain about the process once you have signed in. It is more laid back than what we might be used to, but just think of it as your time for money savings, and if you are fortunate a vacation as well. We had 14 days total and was able to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica for most of those days! I have been so impressed with this process that I am having my wife write a blog about our experience.

Treatment Received : 3 implants, 1 bone graft, tooth extraction

John - USA

Upon my return from Costa Rica, I wrote a brief review of my dental experience with Dr. Cavallini's Clinic. I have a bit more time and would like to elaborate my impression.

After much research, and communication with 2 other dental clinics in Costa Rica, I chose Dr. Cavallini's clinic because of their more personal communication style and a multitude of positive reviews from previous patients. Rather than having a rep (i.e.. sales person), Dr. Marco (Cavallini Jr.) personally answered my emails, advised where to stay, was willing to work with my budget to get work done incrementally as finances would allow.

The plan was to get bone grafts for insertion of two implants, crowns, cleaning, and an extraction. After examination, it was decided that bone grafts were unnecessary, a two on 1 implant post (instead of 2 separate), and gratis on the cleaning/extraction/2 temp teeth. As a result, this shaved off 1/2 of the initial estimated fee! My plan: return in 4-5 months for the permanent teeth and set more implants for further construction.

Had I been aware of the dental cost and quality of work, I would have done this long ago. I would have saved thousands of dollars combined with a feeling of security one can only get from being in the hands of a professional. Lesson learned, I plan to have the Cavallinis as my primary dentists with a goal of a full mouth restoration.

Staff was great, and the energy of the clinic was productive and upbeat. Dentists, technicians, assistants, all personable, professional, and generally a pleasure to be around. Definitely happy to have found this clinic, and as someone that (previously) associated dental work with anxiety, I can honestly say that because of Dr. Cavallini's clinic my perspective in Dental Care has been redefined."

Joy- Florida

After having some complications, Dr Marco and his team totally stood behind their product and services. For the first time in over 20 years I can smile with a full set of teeth. I would highly recommend this clinic. Great genuine people.

Treatment Received : 6 implants 11 crowns

Lucilla - Canada

I was quoted $10,500. And that is what I paid even though I upgraded to a different (and more expensive, crown) I highly recommend this clinic and all that work there. I received a full mouth restoration and could not be happier with my results. The entire process was close to painless, I can only say that I had some discomfort, and that is all. Wonderful staff, GREAT DOCTORS. I do not hesitate in recommending this clinic to anyone.

Kelly - USA

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I had a very good experience in getting my implant work done professionally and in time. It may be not fair to other dentists but I would say that Cavallanis are the best. My lower two implants were done by Cavallani senior and upper six were done by Cavallani junior. All the staff of the clinic are dedicated professional and they will not stop until work done is right. I appreciate their work and I will be back in there for my final crowns in about two months.

Treatment Received : Eight implants and temporary.

Keshav - Jefferson, AR

Long wait in waiting room. Quick, efficient service once in the chair. Loved it and recommend it. Dr. Marco (The son) did the work..

Treatment Received : Implant

Paul - Orlando Florida

I am very happy with the dental implants that I received at the Cavallini dental clinic. I initially made the mistake of going to a local dentist in my home town of Boynton Beach Florida who I paid $5300 for the first stage of a two stage dental implant bridge and the dentist wanted another $6,000 to finish up the second stage. I was very unhappy with this high price and the way this dentist raised my bill over and over again while sitting in the chair. I searched online for affordable dental care and I found the Cavallini Dental Clinic.

After reading their online reviews, I decided to take a giant leap of faith and travel to the Cavallini Dental Clinic. This was the best decision I have ever made. The staff treated me very professionally, the office was clean and comfortable. I am extremely happy with my dental implants and the $1600 price I paid to complete the 2nd stage implants including 4 crowns. The savings on my dental work paid for the entire trip to Costa Rica. I loved Costa Rica and I managed to get a mini vacation in the rain forest too. I am planning on returning to the Dental Clinic again in a couple of months to get a little more cosmetic work done. I have highly recommended the Cavallini Dental Clinic to all my family and friends. I will only go to the Cavallini Dental Clinic for any major dental work in the future. Thank you for giving me beautiful teeth.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Christine - lake Worth Florida

a very busy clinic, be prepaired to wait, once you get called they work fast and with excellent synchronization. The end result will be well worth it. Excellent Doctors,with American Post Graduate Training and a knowlage of English that would put some of us Americans to shame. A large support staff, there must be 30 in total( they have their on site labs also ). All of whom are real, never put themselves above their patients and Above all, the are very etchial and honest The price they quote is the price you pay and they wil not perfom un necessary work just to inflate your cost.They Guarntee their work, in the extreemly unlikely event it should fail. Where can you find an American Detntist that promises that?. I could go on and on and on, so i'm adding my name to this recummendation, as per my E-mail address,I am Just another very sadisfyed Patient.

Patrick - Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Extremely pleased - fantastic results. I was quoted 10k and finished up with 11K because I liked Dr Munoz Cavallini's suggestion of complete mouth restoration. (I had mis-matched crowns of different sizes and colors). I had 8 implants and 23 crowns, six of which were Zirconium. This is a quarter of what I was quoted in LA. Fantastic Doctors and Staff. You could put this clinic in Beverly Hills and it would put most to shame. I finished up Oct 15, 2011. I could not be happier with the outcome. Thanks....

Treatment Received : 8 immediate load implants, 23 cr

Carter - USA

My wife and I had full mouth restorations and are teeth were in VERY VERY BAD SHAPE. This Clinic is the ABSOLUTE BEST for implants,crowns, smile make-overs, etc. Their quality, care, and cost are light years ahead of the competition. The experience is enhanced by the Clinic process and the number of friends you will meet. Put your trust in them and you will have "a life altering experience!" Just remember it is not a traditional American Dental Appointment experience. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

Treatment Received : Full Mouth Restoration

Jerry - Lubec

I can't tell you how pleased I am with Dr Marco's Dental Clinic...words cease to fully express my sincere appreciation for their professional, competent, and friendly service provided by them. The recovery center at the Clinic was excellent and most convenient.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants

Bill - Readsboro, VT

I am a repeat patient (5th trip to Costa Rica). I only have Dr. Marco for my dentist. I have my regular cleanings here in North Carolina, but any other dental treatments my mouth belongs to Dr. Junior and Dr. Senior. I love these people. The new dental clinic is terrific and the guest relations persons are the best (Ann & Laila). Could NOT be more pleased. These are my doctors for LIFE!

Paulette - Charlotte

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Every time I look in the mirror I have a big smile. I was at the Recovery Clinic for Two weeks and that is the way to go. Best Dental experience I have ever had. 3 implants 13 crowns. Excellent work. I was very grateful and pleased that I found Dr.Marco Munoz I could not afford the prices in U.S.Alabama. Dr. Marco quoted $5950.00 from x rays I e- mailed him. That was with 4 implants. He told me he only needed to do three implants so he charged me $4950.00 US. Does that happen in the States no it's usually $1000.00 more. When I left not only where my teeth fixed.I found friends. A Guy from New Jersey asked me who taught me English in Alabama. My reply was who said I could speak English.He was kidding of course.The Doctors and Staff speak very good English. I think if you have read this you can tell I am pleased.

My Brother Dondi saw my teeth and he is in the Clinic now 2-7-2011.I got a e-mail from him today and he was thanking me for finding the Clinc.He is staying on site at the Clinic and telling me how nice and clean the facility is. He said what he liked about being on site you can stay in your room read watch TV sleep and the front desk will call your room when they are ready for you. Yes I am recommendng it now.

Yes I had a very good experience. I had three implants and 12 crowns installed on my lower jaw.I grind my teeth and they where worn out. I had one crown installed in the upper jaw that was missing. I swallowed it while I was eating . That one tooth took me on this adventure. And im glad.

Dan -Springville, Al

I used Dr Marco Munoz in Costa Rica and he is fabulous. All of my dental work was done in a timely fashion and at an extremely reasonable price compared to all the other dentists I checked out. One of the many things that was terrific about Dr. Marco Munoz and his staff is that I emailed him from the US with my concerns and he immediately emailed me back. Also, to my surprise, one evening before I ever went to Costa Rica, I received a phone call from one of his staff and he went over all of my concerns. He was on the phone with me for about 40 minutes until I had the answers to all of my concerns. Another plus, when planning your trip down there, they ask you the airline and the time your flight arrives and then they have a driver pick you up and take you to your hotel. I cannot say enough good things about their painless, efficient dental care. " Would you recommend the clinic? "I highly recommend him and his staff. They were extremely courteous and helpful in every way." Would you return for further treatment? "I will never use anyone else but Dr Marco Munoz Cavallini and his staff for my dental needs."

Cynthia - Ecuador

Were you pleased with the treatment? "I couldnt have asked for better treatment than what I experienced with Dr Munoz Cavallini and Dr Munoz Peralta. I had one implant by the dentists in March 2009. The work was completed in 5 days, which my Canadian dentist estimated 6- 9 months for the same single implant procedure at a very very inflated price. The genuine care, knowledge and expertise combined with the reasonable cost of services truly put this clinic above anything I have encountered here in Canada. " Would you recommend the clinic? "I was pleasantly surprised by their courteous, friendly and caring manners. The clinic is clean, comfortable and inviting." Would you return for further treatment? "In the future I will most definetely return to San Jose for dental work with this superb clinic. In fact on my next trip I will ensure I go there for dental care... :)

Catherine - Canada

My name is Pat Paterson. I would like to talk with you about some one I met over 25 years ago. His name is Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini in San Jose, Costa Rica. He has been my dentist since that time. He has done a complete mouth restoration for me. When I go to the dentist for cleaning in the United States they all say what a great looking mouth I have and ask me about the dentist that did the work. I am very proud to tell my story of Dr. Marco and staff… He is the most compassionate dentist that I have ever met and I have respect for the great person he is. If you have any question regarding his work you may ask Dr. Marco for my phone number for a private conversation with me.

Pat Paterson - Grants Pass, Oregon

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My name is Mandy Mathieu and I am a professional singer and actress. Not only do I perform, but I also teach drama, voice, and English. So, having a beautiful smile is an important aspect of my career. When I am on stage and singing, my teeth need to look good! I came to Dr. Marco because my American dentist said I had infections above the roots of my front teeth and that I needed root canals and crowns that would have cost me up to $9,000.00. I had heard positive reviews from friends about medical care in Costa Rica, so I started researching online.

Not only was I attracted to Aesthetic Dentistry's prices, but I was amazed at how quickly Dr. Marco responded to my e-mails and answered so many of my trivial questions! He seemed to really care about me as a person and not just a number. I was impressed with their credentials, training, and innovative way they perform implants. The travel coordinator, an American named Eddie, called me to help me with all my travel arrangements and answered more of my questions. He was very helpful and reassuring. When I arrived at the Dr's office, after they took impressions, both of the doctors sat in their office and explained all my options to me. Coming from North America, where most doctors are in a hurry and hardly care holistically about you, I kept wondering why they wanted to keep talking to me. I couldn't believe they actually cared about my feelings and that I understood all the problems I was dealing with. Sweet Dr. Marco Sr. could see I was tired and nervous because it was late in the day and told me to go to bed and rest for the surgery the next morning.

The next day, Dr. Marco Sr. explained that he had been actually thinking about my case and was going to try to save my teeth, but prepared me for the possibility of 6 implants! I was scared and upset, but I really did trust him. The nurses were so sweet to me and I will never forget the gentle way Dr. Marco said when he could see I was nervous, "You are a human being, not a piece of wood.." That was special. It didn't hurt. Just some discomfort afterward the next few days. Everything went very well and if I had had the same work done in the States, it may have cost anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000!!!

But aside from the money, I made true friends in Cost Rica. Dr. Marco Jr. was so kind to me and went above and beyond in caring for my needs. He made my temporaries look like a piece of art! He was available at all times on his cell phone for me. What a gentleman!

All the staff was so kind and made me feel so welcome and at home. My husband and I became good friends with our driver, Carlos, who was invaluable to us on our weekend trip to the beach. He knew all the best places to go and helped us interpret Spanish. I just wanted to lay around my hotel room and be a bum, but if we hadn't gone to Manuel Antonio with Carlos, I would have never seen the monkeys and gotten my mind off my mouth! We had a fantastic time!

I have to still go back in a few weeks to get my permanent crowns on, but I have to say I have never been excited about going to a dentist before until I met these lovely people! I really can't wait to see my friends and enjoy the beautiful country of Costa Rica. If I could move there right now, I would. I loved it and I would go back to Dr. Marco for anything I needed in the future! Please feel free to e-mail me.

Mandy Mathieu - Florida, USA

I live in Victoria, B. C., Canada, and I recently traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica, for dental treatment. I am commenting to express my sincere Thank You to Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini sr., Dr. Marco Munoz Peralta jr and their staff for the wonderful work and warm, caring treatment I received in September 2007.

As promised, Dr. Munoz changed my life by performing a full mouth restoration. This included the initial consultation, 6 implants, 15 crowns, tooth reconstruction, 2 extractions. 2 veneers, 14 temporary teeth, panoramic x-rays, various study models, bite adjustments, cleaning and polishing. The total charges came to $ 7,500.00 , a fraction of the proposed charges 52,000.00 incl taxes!) by my Canadian Dentists.

And at last, I gained a beautiful smile and new self confidence. Not only that, but the entire proceedings began within 3 hours of my arrival at the airport and took, all in all, 12 working days rather than 8-months projected by my Canadian Dentist. In the late afternoon of my arrival, Dr. Munoz completed panoramic X-Rays and a study model and discussed the options with me. The following morning, Dr. Munoz performed the first four (absolutely painless!) implants and I ended up eating steak that same day. I cannot say enough about the extraordinary competence, the genius, the work ethic, and the integrity of Drs. Munoz. For example, while I was there, Dr. Munoz performed work on another patient from United States. This lady had had a horrific accident which left her with a crushed jaw. According to her, several US specialists had quoted her $ 60,000 dollars to repair the jaw (never mind about the implants!) and ultimately rejected the work as being "too complicated". When Dr. Munoz completed his work, this lady left his office with the biggest smile anyone ever saw - a smile fit for Hollywood. It was the first time in 20 years. Throughout our treatment, Drs. Munoz demonstrated how seriously they take the Hippocratic Oath.

From the bottom of my heart, I warmly recommend Dr. Munoz and his staff. I saw Drs. Munoz working late into the evening. By the way, Drs. Munoz are fluent in English and they also have many US customers. So, you won't be alone!

Would I do something differently? Yes. My 14-day flight reservations were a little tight. I would allow a bit more time. . I am aware of one other case where the patient took a chance returning home before the job was quite finished.

Towards the end of my stay Dr. Munoz jr. voiced his concern and asked me to stay over one or two more days: He wanted everything to be perfect before my return to Canada. I am glad I did, because when I finally came back everything was in perfect order

Would I do it again? Absolutely! It was the best Dentist experience in my life.

Barbara Croizier - Victoria, B. C., Canada

My name is Larry Bunnell from Port Richey Florida. I have been unhappy with the look of my teeth for a long time. My procedure started last april of 2007. I came to costa rica to have a evaluation on what could be done to help me. At that time I received a bone graft sinus operation from dr Cavallini on my upper mouth and 5 implants on my bottom. I had to return months later to let the bone graft on top heal enough to put implants on top. I just recently finished the implants on top march of 2008. I received 9 implants and full top crowns. Let me say the procedure was painless and professional every step of the way. If you could see the condition my gum line was on the top of mouth you might say the dr and his staff there performed a miracle. The alignment they had to perform to align the top to my existing bottom to create a perfect bite so to have a healthy mouth was no easy task indeed to perform but yet they took the time to talk me through what needed to be done and what was going to be done to keep me confident every step and procedure that was performed. Now i am home I look good, I feel good and look forward to a life of healthy eating and a confidence to know i did the right thing at the right time and with the right people. Thank you to the dr's and his wonderful staff. best regards

Larry Bunnell - Port Richey Florida

Greetings Dr. Cavallini & Dr. Peralta,

You have every right to be proud of the wonderful work you do. Improving peoples lives one smile at a time. It's very refreshing how you and your entire staff are so caring and give such personal attention in such a professional way. Please extend on my behalf a special thank you to each and everyone on your staff.

I've had my full set of new teeth for about a week and they really look fantastic. I must say they appear completely natural and I have already received compliments from people who did not know I had any dental work done. The bite is totally perfect and super comfortable and I feel great! Overall the total experience was quite amazing and I have you to thank for my new smile.

Once again a million thanks and certainly I'm quite grateful for your assistance, efforts, and of course your superb expertise. What a blessing it is to be your patient and your friend.

Richard Blaha - Florida, USA

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I want to thank Dr.Cavallini. I came from Portland Oregon to have Dr.Cavallini give me 3 implants. I am very happy with my new teeth. Dr.Cavallini has a soft touch, I did not experience much pain at all. His son and staff are wonderful. I saved around $7000.00 by going to him. Thanks Dr.Cavallini for my nice new smile. Any questions about Dr.Cavallini, his staff or the procedure I had done. Just email me. I can answer any questions. Great job Doc. Thanks again!

Darryl Bishop - Portland, Oregon

Hola from Muba,

Just a note to thank you all for your expertise, and friendly service. I'm feeling so much more confidence with my new smile that goes all the way from the front to the back. I will be recommending your innovative techniques and treatment to anybody who doesn't smile as much as they would like to. Best Regards,

Clive Baldwin - Miami Florida

Hello to all...

Just a short note to let you know, what a difference you have made in my life. When I first contacted you, my fear of dentists in general was so severe that it brought tears to my eyes just to write a letter to you. Now once again I find myself sitting here writing a letter to you with tears in my eyes, only this time my tears come because of my happiness not my fears. I want to take the time to let you and your staff know just how special you all are. Taking such a big step and coming to Costa Rica was one of the best decisions I have ever made and thanks to you my experience in Costa Rica was as positive as it could get.

When I first arrived it was difficult to get through your door and by the time I had met you and your staff it was difficult for you to get me out of your door..ha ha. Talk about a 360 turn around, I blame it all on you...and I Thank-you...

My husband and children smile every time I take a new item of food, open my mouth wide and take a bite and then crunch out loud like I have no manners..."Hey" they say "chew with your mouth closed like you always tell us". I guess in time I will get my manners back and stick to keeping my mouth closed when I chew, but for now " what the heck, I'll enjoy chomping on everything in site....Well not everything because I'm still a little tender, but I'm getting there...

So from the bottom of my heart a big THANK-YOU to you and your staff....You really are a special group....Warm Wishes

Darlene McKelvie - Halifax, Nova Scotia

My name is Alan Wilson.. I have had extensive dental work done in the United States in excess of $30,000 in value. The work was painful and just acceptable.

I came to Costa Rica in April of 2007 and was fortunate to be introduced to Dr (s). Marco Munoz and it was the most professional and delightful experience of my 30 years of Dental work. They corrected a long standing problem with a failed implant and were also available to improve my smile through some artistic shaping that would only be achieved by a pro. The staff was delightful and pleasant to work with.

I am highly endorsing Drs. Munoz and will be telling all my friends who have problems to come to them. Their problems will be an opportunity for them to perform expert dentistry work with painless solutions, at very reasonable prices.

Alan Wilson, Development Investor - Denver, Colorado

My name is Louis Civello. I`ve been patient of Dr. Marco Munoz for over six years. Dr. Munoz is a genius with implants. I came to him highly recommended in 2001. Dr. Munoz Cavalini is the "master mind" of Oral Surgeons. I never had any pain or problems to date. This is May 10, 2007. I believe he has a wonderful track record, experienced and a wonderful personality. Along with his son I would highly recommend them for your Dental and Implant needs.

Louis Civello -Staten Island, New York

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My name is Deborah Civello. I came to see the doctors with my husband Louis Civello, I as very satisfied with his and his son`s dental work. I had six implants and I`m very happy with my results. The doctors are wonderful.

Deborah Civello - Staten Island, New York

My name is Bobby Trammell. My father in law heard about Dr. Marco Munoz and we went to see him about some implants that I needed.

Dr. Marco jr. showed me on a model that I needed more than 8 implants. He showed me on a model how my jaws had dropped, and that I had wrinkles around my mouth because my teeth had wore down so much.

Dr. Marco jr. did 26 caps and 8 implants in 2 days. I didn`t have any pain at all. The wrinkles around my mouth are gone and it makes me look younger.

Dr. Marco and his staff are very professional. I am very satisfied with the work the doctors have done.

Bobby Trammell - Winfield, Tenessee

My name is Charlene Hanson. I was refered to Dr. Marco by three different people. I have never had a more positive experience with any dentist I have been to. Everyone in the office is very professional and friendly.

I had two implants in the lower jaw. There was no pain, a little pressure, and I never left the office without teeth in my mouth. I have recommended Dr. Marco to my friends and how they will have a pleasant experience as I have.

Charlene Hanson - West Palm Beach, Florida

My name is Bryan Gaddy. I have had extensive extensive dental work including many implants and caps. I now have an excellent smile and a great bite and all of my old friends are wondering why I look so much better on the dance floor. I really think the father-son team are excellent professionals, and they take the time to listen to your concerns.

Thankfully yours,

Bryan Gaddy - Sulsun, California

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My name is Loretta Sharpe. As a senior citizen I was apprehensive about my dental treatment in a foreign country. Drs Marco Munoz gave me telephone numbers of people in Palm Beach county, who highly recommended them. So I went to Costa Rica for my dental treatment.

I was immediately impressed by their knowledge, technology and caring. Their treatment of me was excellent and less than a third of the cost I would pay at home. I highly recommend both Drs, father and son.

Loretta Sharpe - West Palm Beach, Florida

My name is Michael Correra. After spending many thousands of dollars on a supposed good dental team of a general dentist, periodontist and orthodontist in Miami, and feeling let down that none of them really took a genuine interest in my dental care, only in getting high fees.

On the advice of a friend I headed to Costa Rica . I was extremely fortunate in arriving at the office of Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini in San Jose .

From then on everything changed .I felt I was in the hands of a good friend who just happened to be an extremely fine dentist who could do any type of dental procedure, all in one location, and all at very reasonable prices.

Besides a dedicated team of well qualified professionals, they have all the latest equipment and are the first to provide improved procedures for the benefit of their patients. With the savings on dental costs, I find it easy to afford to spend more time in Costa Rica and explore investment and other type opportunities this country provides.

Michael Correra - Miami, Florida

I would like to extend to you my sincere appreciation for the recent excellent dental work that I had done in your office. It is amazing how many compliments I have received on how much better my smile looks. Additionally, you and your entire staff are to be commended for your courteous and professional manner which does much to put one immediately at ease. You may be assured that I will recommend your office to anyone I know who may be contemplating going to Costa Rica for dental work. With best regards,

Reinhard Adler

Dearest Dr. Muñoz P and Dr. Muñoz C.:

You have the patience of a Saint. It has been such a pleasure to experience you and your staff with such impeccable service. I will be sure to save all my dental experiences for you when I come back to Costa Rica. Take care and God bless! Sincerely,

Tracee Russell - Florida, USA

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Junio 2007


Años de frustrados y dolorosos tratamientos para solucionar mi problema dental


Tuve muy buenas referencias de la Clinica Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Cavallini - Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Peralta y tome la decision de viajar a Costa Rica. Reconozco que llegue con muchisimo miedo. En menos de pocas horas todo ese miedo e incertidumbre se disiparon por OBRA DE MAGIA, esta magia se la atribuyo a los Doctores Marco Muñoz, dos super profesionales en el tema y al conjunto de colaboradores que trabajan con ellos. ! Profundamente agradecida con todos.! 17 Implantes no son pocos, pese a la cantidad, en ningun momento sufri dolor ni hinchazon


! Vuelvo a sonreir, vuelvo a reir !

Gracias a todos.....

Palmira Lemura - Miami, Florida USA.

Dr. Marco Cavallini has been my dentist for over 10 years. After many disappointments with tens of thousands of dollars and much continued pain, I'm so glad I did find Dr. Marco. He is just wonderful, most of all he cares, he follows up with his many patients. I haven't had pain in 10 years. I have recommended way over 30 people to go there, many from my home town of Myrtle Beach S.C. I'm proud to know all the people in this clinic. They all work many hours some way into the night to get their work done and all smiles the next day. As far as I'm concerned they are my dentist.

Treatment Received : implants crowns, veneers, bone marrow, and etc


I am very pleased with my treatment. The price was great. Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini Senoir has magic hands. He is patient and lets your mouth get numb before starting your dental procedure. I go back in 3 months and I hope the dentist lets the lidocaine start to absorb good before he starts my procedure.

Treatment Received : implants crowns, veneers, bone marrow, and etc

Treatment Received : 4 dental implants on bottom jaw


Treatment was better than I imagined. Highly respected, honourable, professional doctors at the best prices in Costa Rica. I took my wife back with me after my 1st experience and she had a full mouth restoration. All went very smoothly.

Treatment Received : 12 implants and 24 crowns


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I visited the clinic back in March, I was very impressed with the treatment and the service I received, doctors were friendly and the staff was super Very glad I went to Dr. Cavallini.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants


Didn't know what to expect to be honest. Been going there for almost 2 years. Dr. Marco's and staff are awesome. Dr. Marco made my teeth looked amazing! He designs the trays for how he wants your teeth to look in the end. Custom made. I am so proud to show off my smile! now, I can't stop smiling, lol lol lol.

Dr. Marco and son made it quick and painless. Although I never really enjoy visiting the dentist, I will say this was as good of an experience as I've ever had. The dentist was very friendly, knowledgeable, and concise, as was the hygienist. They were both fantastic and the rest of the staff seemed eager to help. There's no way i could have had so much works done in the US for that amount of money. My dentist here was amazed to see the quality of works done by Dr. Marco and staff. It definitely seemed like a younger staff who actually enjoyed what they were doing.

If you're looking for a dentist in Costa Rica, I'd highly recommended Dr. Marco Munoz Cavaillini International Clinic. They went above and beyond in providing great assistance to solve all my issues.

Je parle Francais et le creole, J'habite a Caroline du Nord..... je vous encourage tous d'aller voir Dr. Marco Munoz pour vos soins dentaires. Dr Marco, c'est l ideal.

Treatment Received : Dental Implants


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