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The Z-Look3 Implants

Affordable -Metal Free- Dental Implantology!!

In our quest to always present new treatment alternatives for our patients, we now offer nonmetallic 100% Zirconium Dioxide Implants with the same simple placement techniques as our other implant systems.

The Z-Look5 Zirconia Two Stage Delayed Load Dental Implants are made of High-Performance Zirconium Oxide Ceramic and have excellent biological compatibility thanks to their rough surface texture. Z-Look5 Dental Implants bond very well to the jaw bone (Osseo integration) and are tolerated by the gums as well as Titanium Implants.

These implants are white colored and have been approved by the FDA, German, and other European Governing Boards.

The Z-look5 System is part of a completely metal-free dental restoration - ideal for patients with allergies or for those who just do not want any metal restorations.

The instruments and the restorative crown over the implant are also made from Zirconium. This guarantees that you never come into contact with metal at any stage.

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  • Implants and surgical instruments are produced from zirconium
  • The Z-Look5 implant system enables completely Metal-free treatment
  • Four different one-piece implant designs for a broad range of indications
  • Healing process takes months
  • Osseo integration is achieved in the same manner as any other type of Dental Implant
  • Can only be used with Zirconium or All Ceramic Crowns

We Are Experienced

With more than 47 years of dental practice experience and 35 years in implant dentistry, we provide you the highest quality experience. With over 30,000 implants placed to date, we are the leader in esthetic dentistry in Costa Rica.

Our Onsite Guest House

To provide the best service possible, we have become the First Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to have an onsite recovery center, Casa Marco Hotel. Patients rest in comfort at Casa Marco before being called to the treatment areas.

Our Dental Lab

Our Onsitelaboratory operates under our direct supervision and is used exclusively for our patients. The lab offers a unique blend of technology and artistry. We produce high-quality finished materials to fulfill you dental needs.

Our Pricing

Don't pay more and get less. Our practice strives to provide the best value in dental implants worldwide. We provide the latest technologies, modern offices, on-site lab, and recovery hotel at the best prices you can find.